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    Company name: ANOVA, advisery house, Ltd.

    Company address: Majer 9, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenia

    Bank account (IBAN): SI56 6100 0001 1842 204 (Delavska hranilnica d.d.)

    SWIFT code: HDELSI22

    VAT ID number: SI18861083

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    Mojca Müller, certified tax expert in the field of VAT Slovenia, director

    Mojca Müller is the cofounder and director of the company ANOVA Ltd. and a professional tax advisor in Slovenia. She is specialized in the field of VAT and triangular supplies of goods. She is an active member of The Slovenian Institute of Auditors and she is a certified tax specialist in Slovenia. She writes professional articles in the field of VAT. Her latest article was issued in July 2016 with the title “VAT registration procedure in some EU countries” issued by Association of Accountants, Financiers and Auditors of Slovenia.

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    Toni Šikonja, Key Account Manager

    Toni Sikonja is the cofounder and an employee of Anova d.o.o. He works as a Key Account Manager. As a graduate of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, he has been working in fields of tax and accounting for several years.

    It helps the company to make it easier to communicate with customers and provide them with expert advice.

    He is an expert in the field of VAT compliance in the countries of the European Union. It assists clients in the initial process of obtaining a VAT number in the EU and ensures smooth reporting of customers for VAT purposes abroad. It actively cooperates with foreign outsourcers and state tax offices.

    He writes professional articles in the field of VAT and Accounting.